There is a phrase that gets commonly shared across various platforms namely,  "SHARING IS CARING". This post will touch upon two aspects: 

1. This phrase 
2. Socialism and Half-baked Cooks (Largely, Crooks)

Let us look at this saying: "SHARING IS CARING"

We have to be careful about what we share, how we share, whom we share with, when we share and where we share. For that reason, we have included an addendum to this phrase,


What do I mean by the above statement?

Obviously, we have to be careful about sharing our anger, our misconceptions, our health issues to others. 


For some with genetic predisposition, which we might not know or have a complete grasp of, we might not be able to prevent that being shared to our children. But, there are certain health issues, if known, should not be or limited from passed onto our offsprings.

There is also a place and time to share for the reason that sharing information at the wrong time to wrong people could result in misinterpretation of the shared information followed by inappropriate actions. 
  • Let us say, we perform eye research to see how the same eyes when tested for eyesight challenges is interpreted by different eye examination sites. And, let us say, to our surprise, the same set of eyes resulted in so many different outcomes. 
  • Let us further say, this experiment also involved analyzing an arbitrary eyeglass for power measurements in different centers, which again results in different readings for the same pair of glasses. 
  • And, let us say when this info gets shared with one of the eye examiners, this examiner instead of figuring out the reason, could get defensive and get back at you through their position and power in the market place. 
What is the importance of performing such an experiment and what is the big deal? 

Let us say, the same test resulted in a reading difference of 0.5 unit between centers. Then, within a year, you go for another eye examination, and now, they see a 0.5 unit difference in power measurement in one or both the eyes. This difference would result in a change of our prescription glasses, though this might not be needed at all if this were to be caused by an intrinsic error in estimation. 

This difference potentially could not only add to our expenses but also result in unnecessarily making a new pair of glasses that result in energy demand, material needs, waste management and more. When we add to a global population of 8 billion, think about the scale of this issue coming from poor, and/or inconsistent eye testing procedures.

We also for sure be careful sharing info with idea stealers and criminally-minded people. As mentioned before, for example, there was an interesting article that came out recently where a potential candidate was called for an interview, and then out of this person's interest and zeal to become part of the organization, this person ended up sharing an interesting idea and those with resources then took it out as their own idea without hiring that person. By the time, the person came to know, a patent was filed by this organization. Fortunately, this person who had an idea of prior art was able to successfully contest the patent. But, many times, it might take a long time (might never happen) before such events would come to the attention of "David in this David vs. Goliath" situation.

Can the other way happen? Yes- Those with right contacts and resources could apply as a potential candidate and reach out for an interview. When the interviewer shares the projects and ideas, then they might not show up afterwards. By the time, this organization, which might be small in size and limited in resources comes to know, that individual might have already gotten fundings and resources to take it to the next higher level either directly or by joining with another organization. 

Now coming to the current times, it might not even be needed with so many cookies, chocolates, malware and IoT methods to scan for information. That is one of the primary reasons that we see repeated news about smaller companies not making inroads around the world, in spite of this section accounting for a larger fraction of business market share around the world.

Is there a way to address such issues?
Yes, that is one big area our Company is working on as we write this post.

The second topic connected to sharing is Socialism. 
We repeatedly see that those who select and choose sections of theories to their convenience bring in the concept of Socialism and Sharing. 

Would a Socialist in the Congress, as per this argument, be willing to share his/her salary with the people who elected this person? If not for the people, they would not have been elected in the first place - right? Moreover, for eg., those in US Congress get paid an official salary (not including benefits and other privileges) that is at least 2.5 -3 times more than the median income. These individuals should not have any issue in sharing - right?

What other privileges?
We will just address the white-hat privilege and leave out any other extracted and unofficial privileges that come with such power. The Senators who have access to Senators Credit Union were getting 3.15 - 3.35% in CD rates when the rest of the country was seeing not even half of it for similar term periods. Supposedly, as per their website, it is also a very secure credit union for the Senate community.